The DPOware® platform provides functionality and features to drive compliance, efficiency and transparency

Well proven approach to build a GDPR compliance model.

Assessments to identify gaps and risks. Notifications and dashboards to prioritize activities and to support reporting.

Tailormade checklists (GDPR, IT-security/ISO 27000 and audit standard for assurance/ISAE 3000) to help you define the scope of your operating model and to deliver reporting on compliance.

Training and e-learning functionality to help internal and external parties to understand the GDPR requirements as well as company practice and procedures.

Workflows and processes to document activities, compliance and consent.

Multi business platform driving collaboration to reduce operational compliance effort.
Designed to address customer needs
DPOware simplifies the task of achieving compliance with the new European regulations on Data Privacy and other relevant standards like IT security and Financial compliance by providing a fully featured, cloud-based collaboration and workflow platform.

Loaded with functionality
The DPOware platform delivers an enterprise collaboration tool and operating model which has been validated by experienced GDPR consultants and lawyers.

Reporting to drive change management
Reporting functionality is a fundamental part of DPOware, and is split into three sections. There are more than 20 KPI's delivering a clear status on the implementation progress. The dashboard section includes enhanced reporting for work-items, gaps and actions, acknowledgements and documents. And the Reports & Data views is built to deliver compliance reports and data extracts.

Supporting Subject Rights
DPOware has built an ad hoc workflow management tool to support the execution of standard GDPR processes: Data Breach, Right to basic information, Right of access, Right to rectification, Right to be forgotten, Right to restrict processing and Right to data portability.

Build for Enterprise organisations
DPOware is a multi-language platform and supports more than 15 languages, it has been designed to support parent/child account structures and accounts can be customised individually to accommodate specific preferences.

Open platform
DPOware includes a rich and fully developed framework of REST APIs to support integration with other systems and platforms.

Secure cloud solution
DPOware has been designed and built as a secure cloud solution, and the platform is based on standard and mature methods and components. DPOware is hosted on Amazon and Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure.

Our legacy
In my previous position as Regional CIO (at a global company with 500.000+ employees) one of the key challenges was how to become GDPR compliant. Once I became fully immersed in the GDPR challenges, it became clear to me how to build the operating model. I soon realized the need for a platform to support this journey and to avoid significant effort to ensure the model was properly implemented and maintained on an ongoing basis. After evaluating software solutions on the market, I realized none of them met my expectations. And that is why we have established DPOware®.
Peter Scheuer, CEO & Founder