Simplifying Compliance


  • SECURITY – Clear picture of requirements, compliance degree (version controlled checklist – updated on a ongoing basis) and audit trail on assessments.
  • COMPLIANCE – Real time overview of risk profiles, gaps and actions across compliance areas.
  • PERFORMANCE – KPIs and dashboards to better assess and address performance.


  • SCOPE  – Supports +25  frameworks, laws and standards to deliver the flexibility to define your scope.
  • PACE – Module based solution supporting a phased implementation approach.
  • RESSOURCES – Access to specialists and Black Belt teams to help fix ad-hoc and urgent matters as well as access to resource pool.


  • DO THE RIGHT THINGS – Document solution to define and manage policies, procedures, instructions and control specifications.
  • DO THINGS RIGHT– Automatically generated activity records, and  templates based assessments.
  • REPORTING & DOCUMENTATION – Standard and prebuild reporting.  Documentation always up to date.


  • CAPABILITIEES – Build internal capabilities where it makes sense and request help to handle selected specialist domains.
  • SUSTAINABILITY  – Robust delivery model, reducing the risk of knowledge drain and one system to support all compliance areas.
  • COST PREDICTABILITY  –  OPEX based Service Model, delivering a scalable and transparent cost model.